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Proposal to create a Corvette Specialty License Plate

Would you like to see a FLORIDA CORVETTE SPECIALTY LICENSE PLATE available sometime in the near future? If so, read thru the email below and then send an email of encouragement to Florida State Representative Brett Hage in care of his executive secretary, Nancy Bowers (
From: "John 'Hutch' Hutchinson" <>
Subject: Florida Corvette Specialty Plate
Date: June 1, 2019 at 5:53:23 PM EDT

Hi Nancy,
I understand that Representative Hage is considering proposing aFLORIDA CORVETTE SPECIALTY LICENSE PLATEsuch as was being considered by the late Representative Don Hahnfeldt.
Please let Representative Hage know that there is tremendous support among his constituents, and all Floridian Corvette enthusiasts, for such a plate.
Keep in mind that by and large, Corvette owners (as compared to some other makes and models) are mature adults who are active both socially and politically and would certainly remember this legislation and those who supported it should it come to pass. After all, Corvette is America's Sports Car and has been since 1953!
Thanks so much for your time and Mr. Hage's consideration of this worthwhile effort.
John "Hutch" Hutchinson
Central Florida Corvette Association
NCCC & NCM Business/Club Member
Sure, nothing may come of this but wouldn't it be cool if it did? :)

John "Hutch" Hutchinson
 "A Legend Reborn!"
The GSR is a Proud Lifetime NCM Club Member
Subject: Florida Corvette Specialty Plate Update
Florida Corvette Speciality Plate Update:
 As some of you probably know State Representative Don Hahnfeldt died suddenly a year and a half ago right around Christmas time.  Before his untimely passing we were making progress with efforts to get legislation passed for a Florida Corvette Special Plate. When Don passed everything was put on hold till a new Representative was elected. There was no special election to fill Don's slot so we had to wait till the next election cycle.
Finally, a new person was elected to replace Don Hahnfeldt. Brett Hage was the winner and his goal was to push the legislative efforts that Don had not completed before his passing. 

While all this is going on, the Special plate was put on the back burner. But now we're getting back on the front burner and I have an appointment with Brett to go over the plate proposal with him this month, and all indications are that we’re back and moving forward.

Here is how you can help!
Representative Hage's executive secretary, Nancy Bowers, has suggested to me that Corvette owners here in Florida should indicate to him (if they see him or know him) their support for a Corvette Special License Plate, or better yet, email Brett’s secretary indicating your support for the plate and she will give the emails to him. Her email is

Creating a Florida Specialty License Plate
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